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BoxyPixel Shells - AdamMMF - 07-22-2022

Hey all, 

Does anybody have a BoxyPixel CM3 shell that they are willing to sell? I've been looking around and the website has them out of stock and there isn't any ETA of when they will come back, thanks!  Smile

RE: BoxyPixel Shells - AdamMMF - 07-22-2022

Sorry to sound a bit like a noob but apparently there was a bunch of different BoxyPixel cases but I only currently see one on their page, does anybody know if all of the variants were compatible with the latest Freeplay CM3 or is that not the case? I don't mine getting a BoxyPixel case for a Freeplay Zero as well if anybody has that since I haven't been able to find one for that either. Thank you, everyone!