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Joystick guide for Zero 640x480 - Dani - 04-05-2023


Are there any guides out there for setting up an analog stick (joystick) on the FP Zero 640x480?

I’ve see some amazing videos by Hipcat and Ed Mandy on YouTube and been able to install a Joycon joystick onto the board and wire it up correctly but in the controller setup I’m only getting the joystick button input and not either x or y axis is being detected.

Saw some videos on how to set up an analog on the CM3 (was quite a lot of steps) but nothing regarding the Zero 640x480.

Sorry if I missed it or if it should auto pick up and there’s a fault with the hardware, fairly confident it’s wired correctly.  I’m only install the one on the left side, and have wired 5 cables to:


RE: Joystick guide for Zero 640x480 - Clarar - 06-27-2023

"The joystick guide for Zero 640x480 is a comprehensive and user-friendly resource, providing clear instructions and tips for optimal gaming experience. Highly recommended!"[color=#FFFFFFF]Free Fire name[/color]

RE: Joystick guide for Zero 640x480 - Dani - 06-27-2023

Cool, and where does one find this guide?  Any web links you could share?

Since posting this post I’ve gotten the joystick installed in the gba case and it’s picked up in the FreePlay setup scrip but isn’t picked up by RetroPie.  Kind of gave up and move on the other stuff for now but am fairly keen to get this working correctly on RetroPie.