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Some technicals infos - Dr.Wily - 05-01-2023


I search some hardware spec for Wonderswan (B&W and color) to compare to other handheld consoles.

- What the pixel bit depth of B&W Wonderswan ? Same question for the color.
- What technology is being used for the screen for B&W and color version (STN, FSTN, TFT...) ?
- How many hardware layer (scroll, sprite...) the Wonderswan can handle ?
- What is the max layer size on Wonderswan ? (for exemple on Gameboy we have a viewable suface of 160x144 for global surface of 256x256)
- Is the RAM in the Wonderswan is unified ?
- how many sprtie per line Wonderswan can handle ?
- what are the usable sprite sizes ?
- what is the max sprite size (8x8, 8x16, 16x16... ?) ?
- how many diferent sprite size can be displayed on screen ?

Thanks for your help !