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FreePlayZero Getting Burning Hot - adibmikey - 04-21-2024


Just recently finished seating my Freeplay and everything was working absolutely fine up until the very very end. I was screwing everything closed and when I plugged int eh battery one last time to test it, the charging(blue led) and charged(green led) lights began to flicker. After a bit, the console simply shut down and refused to come back on. i took it a part and checked through everything I could. It wont charge, it wont turn on and it wont recognize the battery. I did notice that the chip in the picture provided, began to get extremely hot. Let me know if you need any further information and really hoping I can get this solved. 

Thanks again!

[img]file:///C:/Users/adibm/Downloads/20240420_154602~2.jpg[/img][Image: nDs4TtG]