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Kikouseki Unitron (Biomotor Unitron 2) Translation
So do you know Japanese or are you translating these from FAQs?
I didn't know there were any FAQS. I know a little bit of Japanese. The problem is alot of the monsters, items, etc. are actually greek/arabic/etc. words, so translating is a bitch.

I'll go back over all the dialogue when I'm completely done and fix a lot of mistakes. I'm focusing my time on the actual game play, no one reads the dialogue anyway...

For example, I dumped the Introduction if you decide to play the DEMO when you first start... and if you translated it out directly, it's a little harder, so in cases like this, I'm speaking to my japanese friends to help here and there. I can understand most gameplay words, etc. but "story" wise is when it gets difficult.


Thanks for all the hard work Wyndcrosser. I am watching all of your projects but this is the one that I am most excited about. I just started playing BMU 1 and its great!

I agree with the approach to get the game playable first and then tackle the story. I wish I could help but I do not know Japanese.

I plan on buying a flash card from Flavour this month and this game is the #1 reason. Looking forward to it!
Wyndcrosser - It has been almost a year since the last status update on ROM Hacking. Any word on how the project is going?

Hopefully all of these translation projects will become easier when there is a Neo Poke emulator with full debugger functionality. The PSP translation scene exploded when ppsspp came along with its wonderful debugger.
No, sadly all work stopped, I have no time.

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