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WonderWitch Emulator
The WonderWitch is an official hobbyist development kit for Bandai's WonderSwan console. It was available only by mail order to Japanese residents. Everything related to the WonderWitch was handled by Qute.

The kit includes Windows software for developing for the WonderSwan, as well as a link cable that plugs into a DE9 serial port, and a special rewritable 128 Mbit cartridge. The cartridge works with standard WonderSwan consoles, and can contain several games, depending on their size. Additional cartridges were also available to buy separately.

The software consists in a C compiler, tools for converting data files, and a utility for transmitting files to and from the console.

The WonderWitch is, for the purposes of amateur developers, a legal alternative to unofficial flash carts popular on other consoles. Those, such as the Wondermagic Color, are indeed much rarer for the WonderSwan than for the Neo Geo Pocket for instance, although the latter machine sold in much lower numbers.

Several programming contests were organized, and some winning games were published in cartridge form and sold to the public, like Judgement Silversword -Rebirth Edition- and Dicing Knight Period.

[Image: 1207074-wonderswan_wonderwitch_4_super.jpg]


The only WonderWitch emu known as of now, this emulates the home development kit system for the Japanese WonderSwan Color. Check out the site for more details!This patch for the Japanese version translates it into English.

It's always been unclear to me how you're supposed to run games that are split into several files. There's always the single *.fx, but there can be several other files. With the WonderWitch cartridge, you'd transfer the files to rom0, but even when I did that [place the *.fx wherever, put everything else in rom0], I never got any results. Placing the *.fx file in rom0 doesn't help, either.

There aren't many WonderWitch games worth the trouble, so I never did much experimenting or even asking around. Besides, when I first came across this emulator, there was no one to ask. WonderSwan itself was an obscure platform, not to mention all the WonderWitch related stuff. The ever-expanding internet is of more help these days.

So, is it even possible to run color things successfully on this piece of software? The only thing I remember running was the Kenta Cho shooter, but it was a single *.fx file, and it was b&w.

Edit - I forgot to mention that running Judgement Silversword: RE causes the emulator to display a message about an unsupported opcode, so I guess it can't be emulated either way. I'm still curious about Rave Hunter, though. That YouTube video had to be made somehow, and it's a direct feed, so it's emulation [or someone connected their WS to a computer, the way that Japanese developer did, which I doubt].
Did anyone ever figure out how to emulate WonderWitch games?
EDIT: Just found this. &
byemu says that it "can be emulated by OswanJ"
Card Fighters' Clash 2 English Translation ( )
Neo Geo Pocket Flash Cart and Linker Project ( )
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(03-12-2015, 04:20 AM)Flavor Wrote: Did anyone ever figure out how to emulate WonderWitch games?
EDIT:  Just found this. &
byemu says that it "can be emulated by OswanJ"

Is there a way to run wonderwitch games on the flash masta? I assume no?

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