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US Faselei! and Last Blade Reproduction Boxes

I've been speaking with Uncletusk about creating and producing a limited release run of US based boxes for the unreleased retail copies of Faselei! and The Last Blade. I have the prototype created and I'm waiting to hear back from UncleTusk. I'll produce pictures soon. I've done High Res scans of both my UK boxes (both were mint) and I'm doing graphic repair on any part of the scan that I think needs a touch up.

I wanted to know if there were any interested parties. I'm debating with UncleTusk, if it's a reality to do an exact replica of how the US boxes are (they are very complicated), or do a Japanese-style box with the same dimensions and art of the US box. Japanese boxes are like Gameboy or Gameboy Advance boxes, but are thinner and slightly taller.


After Aruze took over/SNK's bankruptcy (etc.), Neo Geo Pocket Color was discontinued, so America never got an actual release of Faselei or Last Blade, even though they were already produced. A little time after blister paks of Neo Geo Pocket Color titles and handhelds were released as "Pocket Color Arcade". In certain blister paks there were copies of Faselei! and Last Blade. Of course to save money and space, the carts were only shipped with their SNK branded cart cases, so no manuals or boxes. I want to fix this.

You can see from the flyers below that the artwork is similar to the UK copies, so the plan is to make them match what was shown in these flyers.

[Image: 43DB109B-E5B2-1FF4-D9EFDE5D126F288A.png]

[Image: 43D6C631-ACBF-CC4E-800B7BD2FF943DDE.png]

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