There is actually a little-known button on the Freeplay CM3 circuit board that cuts all power. It’s in the corner area kinda between the power switch and the nearest case screw. I can’t get a photo at the moment. Anyway, the idea was that you could drill a very tiny hole and use a pin or a paperclip to cut the power if you wanted to. Most people don’t need it, so we only mention it if some (like you, Gruntergraphix) asks.
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(02-12-2018, 11:00 AM)Flavor Wrote: "One thing we're working on is an idea for an add-on for the Freeplay CM3.  We're not yet sure what features will be on it, but we're testing some ideas.  One might be a backlight control.  Another is extra buttons."

Hey Flavor, did anything new happen with the extra buttons? Currently waiting on my cm3 board so ive been looking at the ways people have modded for L2/R2, wondered if there was a possibility of going along the software route and having combination shortcuts for them:
R2 = Hold Select + R1
L2 = Hold Select + L1
I know this wouldnt be ideal for some games, but it would atleast open the option for others without the need for more physical modding?

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