boxy pixel l2 r2 machined shoulders
trying to complete my boxy build with their machined L + R shoulder buttons

in order to do so i need to cut holes to allow the L2 + R2 buttons to poke through

has anyone achieved this yet or can point me in the direction of a service that could do this for me?

i have reached out to boxy directly and they told me they can't do this in-house
Hi, I used a file to trim the lower edges from the R1/R1 metal buttons.
They work fine now. You just have to be very patient to adjust to fit the shell.
Can you guys show any photos of the end result?
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(03-15-2022, 04:55 AM)Flavor Wrote: Can you guys show any photos of the end result?

I finally got around to doing this! Indeed using a small metal file resolves the issue of L1 R1 fitting in the BoxyPixel Freeplay shell. The same filing is required for the boxy-pixel-l2r2-add-on-board but also a 5/16 drill bit head to get the holes in the machine L1 R1 shoulder buttons (it needs to be big enough so the square base of the rubber nipples can completely fit in the circle made by the drill bit) ... photos attached below

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