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vgmlib-ngpc-t6w28 - Native NGPC VGM player for BGM and SFX
I had previously posted a version of vgmlib that makes use of tracks composed for SMS, but the music tracker Furnace can compose tunes and SFX for the Neo Geo Pocket (the chip is called T6W28) directly!  This means we can have stereo effects and a more convenient noise channel that is not intermingled with channel 3's frequency.

This new version of vgmlib and z80 driver were made to support the T6W28 VGM files output from Furnace.

My experience with Furnace leads me to believe it is accurately replicating the sounds you can expect from a real NGPC with headphones.  Emulators don't necessarily do as good of a job.  I like to use vdmgr as my emulator, and it does ok with this sound driver, but doesn't sound quite accurate.

More details are in the repository.

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